Rental process

1. Register

Are you looking for a rental home at ITS Housing? You can easily register by using the registration form. You can set up a free search profile. Registration form

2. Respond to our offer

With your own search profile you can respond to our offer. We can quickly check whether you are a match as potential tenant for one of the objects offered by us.

3. Viewing and confirmation

When you are a match with the landlord and object, we would like to invite you for a viewing. If you are definitely interested in renting the object, you can let us know by e-mail and we kindly request you to send us documents for screening.

4. Screening

We would like to ask you to send us the following documents: employer’s statement; employment contract; recent salary slips; ID copy. When you are an entrepreneur we would like to receive an extract of the Chamber of Commerce and a recent VAT return and/or annual report. We will handle and store these documents very carefully using ProPropertyPartners, Validata and EDR.

5. Rental agreement and key handover

After approval of the documents and the landlord’s agreement with you as future tenant, we will e-mail you a draft rental agreement. We will arrange an appointment to check and sign the agreement together. After that the key handover will be scheduled.

6. Evaluation

We think it is important how you experienced the rental process. We will be happy to contact you after the key handover. We are very curious about your feedback.